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Creating Art is my passion! I carry a sketch pad with me and whenever I am still I am drawing. I guess art is my addiction. Some of my paintings began as sketches on table napkins, envelopes, even graduation programs and then evolved into paintings, greeting cards and program cover designs. I was always in trouble as a child for leaving my sketches innapropriately on tables, desks, book shelves and sidewalks. My Art has graced the covers of nonprofit magazines, program covers for special events and greeting cards. I am now illustrating a childrens picture book. Take a look at my prints and contact me if my art style would enhance your next program cover, personalized greeting card or children's book idea.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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 "Dear JoEllen......I am a counselor in Michigan and am doing a women's workshop in a couple weeks hoping to help women heal from woundedness, and was wondering if you would give me permission to use your drawing "Cocoon1" in powerpoint for my presentation? I am interested in your other art, also."

 Greetings of Peace.
I would like to ask permission to use "God's Comfort in Human Pain" as part of the instructional materials that I will use in a seminar-workshop on Handling Trauma in the Religious Formation Setting.

I am from the Philippines (Asia) and have been doing both formation work with the religous congregations and trauma work as a volunteer counselor. I am in the process of collecting materials which will be helpful for trauma survivor-formands using a holistic aproach, i.e., integrating the body-mind-spirit aspects in healing.

Thank you very much. I look forward to your positive response.
Sincerely yours,

"I wanted to write to you and tell you how much we love your artwork  I was having a 'down' morning, and I went searching for some positive things on the Internet to give me a lift.  I found the art gallery  and saw the one called "Cocoon" (with the child cradled in hands). It is so gorgeous. I wanted to tell you that just seeing it helped me feel safer this morning.Thank you for sharing your gifts. You are very talented. When something like this touches me, I always want to let the person know about it. Thanks so much.

Peace and Happiness,
--"D" (name withheld for privacy)

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  1. To my beautiful Mother in-law. I've always loved your art work. It brings so much peace to life. God has truly blessed your creativity. Now I have the joy in watching my young daughter follow in her Father's and Nana's foot steps in art work. Blessings you.


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