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Creating Art is my passion! I carry a sketch pad with me and whenever I am still I am drawing. I guess art is my addiction. Some of my paintings began as sketches on table napkins, envelopes, even graduation programs and then evolved into paintings, greeting cards and program cover designs. I was always in trouble as a child for leaving my sketches innapropriately on tables, desks, book shelves and sidewalks. My Art has graced the covers of nonprofit magazines, program covers for special events and greeting cards. I am now illustrating a childrens picture book. Take a look at my prints and contact me if my art style would enhance your next program cover, personalized greeting card or children's book idea.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Releasing the Pain

Releasing the Pain
 This is my mixed-media piece, "Releasing the Pain".  The three figures represent the evolution of a person  through a painful experience. The first blue figure curled at the bottom is sad/blue. Her face is
hidden by a broken heart. The second red figure is able to express warm compassion toward her broken self and embrace the pain. Her face is no longer covered by a broken heart. The third yellow figure represents  lightness and freedom in releasing her pain. Her pain no longer defines her. All three figures have emerged from darkness as seen by the black background. This painting represents hope through pain, which seems to be a recurring theme expressed in my art.


  1. JoEllen, your art has always inspired me and I feel so very honored to own a few of your drawings. I pray that God will continue to bless you in many ways. Your friendship has been one of God's great blessings to me. Love you! Brenda

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  3. You must have created this new site I see a while back, I've been going to the old link and hoping you would be back. great to find you again


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