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Creating Art is my passion! I carry a sketch pad with me and whenever I am still I am drawing. I guess art is my addiction. Some of my paintings began as sketches on table napkins, envelopes, even graduation programs and then evolved into paintings, greeting cards and program cover designs. I was always in trouble as a child for leaving my sketches innapropriately on tables, desks, book shelves and sidewalks. My Art has graced the covers of nonprofit magazines, program covers for special events and greeting cards. I am now illustrating a childrens picture book. Take a look at my prints and contact me if my art style would enhance your next program cover, personalized greeting card or children's book idea.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Art Exhibit in Delaware, Ohio

 The Art Exhibit on November 4th was well received. Thank you to all who visited and purchased art. It was really nice to see all of you. It was so confirming to realize that other people also enjoy what I have created.
The live musicians and entertainment was an enjoyable part  of the evening as well. Thank you to
 Lyn St. Clair of the Delaware Artist Showcase for hosting this beautiful cultural event.


  1. Bev and I love you and Richard. We are so pleased to see your inspired art work and that you have the opportunity to share with so many other people. Blessings to to you :-)

    1. Thank you LaMont. From another artist-musician I know you relate. Our creations come from the heart. ages ago you handled a banjo with great skill. God gave our gifts to share with his other children.

  2. So glad to see this and know that your art is reaching others. Hope you have a great Holiday and wonderful New Year and we can talk again some day.

  3. Are you doing any more shows this year? Glad it went well. So good to see you and your work again

  4. Lady J-Thanks for asking.Yes, in April I plan to show in the Delaware, Ohio NAMI sponsored Exhibit of the work of local mental health consumers.This will be the second annual Exhibit including a speaker and reception. I am also illustrating a children's therapy type book my friend wrote on family alcoholism and divorce. A family/child therapist has reviewed it and wants copies. Looking for an interested publisher. I am also working on a couple other projects, art related. Thanks for your support. As long the art bubbles up out of my soul and I can still hold a pencil I will keep creating.Thanks so much, it is good to keep in touch with you Lady J


I welcome feedback about my art. Feel free to post your comments,questions and suggestions.--JoEllen